Philatelic Genealogy Book

Philatelic Genealogy, Old Envelopes, Letters, and Postcards as Genealogical Sources presents 100 old envelopes and postcards to show how they serve as sources of genealogical information. Original letters and/or transcriptions accompany twenty envelopes. Each sender and recipient are identified in a census, city directory, and/or other genealogical sources, with their dates of birth and death, their parents’ names, and how the sender and recipient are related, whenever possible. The envelopes and postcards are organized in ten categories: folded letters, westward expansion, the war of 1861-1865, work, immigrants, family and friends, real photo postcards, social and political interests, travel and vacation, and World War I. An introduction focuses on correct identification of the recipient, sender, and their relationship. Handwriting comparisons help identify eight senders. Appendices discuss an online philatelic genealogy database and how philatelic genealogy can help postal historians and postcard collectors. A genealogy primer is included. Black-and-white illustrations and detailed genealogical source notes appear throughout the book. The book was published in 2016.

The book is available as a soft cover

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